Early Global News has been published for 10 years to a small group of hedge funds. Today, for the first time, it is now available outside of that group.

We liken our work to companies who benefit technologically when working on NASA projects.

News is and always has been a competitive and cluttered space. Modern technology has decimated the news industry as well as forced its reinvention. While the shifts continue to be dramatic, with the landscape changing daily, we know that your day begins winding down at 4 PM, so that’s when we start working.

Traditional financial news funnels have virtually abandoned post 4 PM and weekend news and we are happy to own those time slots. While not focused on market hours for publishing, we do monitor the news very closely. We have watched proprietary news based traders and services stumble across stories way past pertinence.

At EGN, we read through approximately 400 global websites continuously, we will very simply show you what we’ve seen while you live your life away from the screen.

JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and a few others create phenomenal morning notes. We know. If you receive these notes, you’re in the minority. Early Global News appreciates the opportunity to illuminate a market narrative that is neglected yet potent.

Early Global News is a phenomenal source of stories, ideas and themes that you want to see yet didn’t know existed.

In the end, we simply collect a vast majority of vital global market related public news, and serve it to you like no other.

Depth, consistency and accuracy.

We look forward to showing it to you every day.

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