About EGN

EGN has one chance and 30 seconds to explain this to you properly.

While you were sleeping, Early Global News created a living library of news and opinion from hundreds of global websites. We read more articles between 4 PM market close and 9:30 AM market open than you get REMs during the night.

Early Global News is a living index of that news. Finding actionable stories or themes to guide you to help you understand the market ‘picture’ before your day begins. It’s like putting on glasses.

We use proprietary algorithms to fill our library with semantically focused word searches and complex black-box data mining. It would be too simple to say we hunt for words like fraud and takeover. It’s also no great feat to take down the name of late night CFO resignations looking to get away unnoticed.

You’ve probably tried to monitor all news but there’s just so much of it. You have opinions on news services that you use and have used but you’ve come to realize that you must be more creative or original. Modern technology has forced reinvention. News feeds and squawk boxes are helpful only when you know what came before that.

The shifts in news trading continue to be dramatic and we can only guess at what’s coming next. What we do know is that U.S. equity markets close at 4 PM. We also know you had to go home sooner or later. That’s when we start working. Go home and look for us when you wake up with your morning coffee.

Early Global News is the phenomenal source of stories you want to see yet didn’t know was available. All in one location. EGN teems with ideas, themes, and facts that you can be assured will reveal themselves to others as the day progresses.

EGN wants you to enjoy your weekends. We provide the service which properly informs investors and traders of these activities when no one else does.

In the end, we will collect the vast majority of vital global news, collating it for your consumption and preparing you for the day ahead like you have never been before. Now go enjoy your morning coffee.

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